Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Beginning of August.......

It has been many months since I have blogged. I apologize to those who read my blog although I doubt if there are many. --- Many many things have occurred since Easter in our family life. 

In May my third son A got married to a wonderful young lady that we are now proud to call our daughter. They had a beautiful out door wedding with the reception in a small hall near by. 

 And yes I was a bit teary eyed to start with. I was always raised to hold it together in public, but .... sometimes it's a little hard!
Our youngest two kids at the wedding.

 The reception was lovely. I got to dance with my son A. This was something I was concerned about because I am not a dancer. But we managed through. Of course our granddaughter little A managed to steal the show at one point. The best man was making his little speech and granddaughter A who was walking around- and who was 16 months old then- went to a cooler where there was soda and a few cans of beer. She took a beer out and proceeded to look at it. After all, it was closed. The bride's sister who is a large woman, leaped up from her table to grab the beer from A - all I could see from where we sat was a hand in slow motion go up in the air and then down! She fell back against her table and spilled all the drinks at the table. She turned it into a joke- my other son N who was sitting at that table said he never saw his wife M laugh so much! What a fiasco! When our granddaughter returned to us, she stayed put for most of the rest of the time!! And the best man picked up where he left off!! 

So.. we have been busy with church as usual, and went to the shore for pastor's convention at the end of May. That's always a fun time of seeing friends we don't see too often.

Our beloved dog Katie became ill towards the end of June. She started favoring one of her paws. We thought she had something in between her toes but she wouldn't let us look at it. So we took her to the vet. We got her usual summer arthritis meds and he said to bring her back in a week if she doesn't get better. So we waited a week and a half and my husband took her back.
By this time her one paw had started to get swollen and she was still favoring it and licking it a lot. - The doctor xrayed it and said it was as he had feared. She had bone cancer and by the time the dog shows symptoms, it has already spread throughout her body. He said it would move quickly. 
In the above picture you can tell that one leg is larger than the other. This was taken in May. We didn't notice this until we went back and looked at the picture. 

So in 3 weeks time she wasn't eating much, lost the use of the one leg completely and had a large growth a little larger than a baseball on the first joint on that leg. Her breathing was also heavy. Last Friday I saw she was starting to chew on that leg. We knew it was time. So we took her to the vet and sadly had her put down. 
It was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I held her as she passed on. ~ ~ ~ 

I do believe she is happy now and romping around her old friend Yuka who passed last Thanksgiving. 

Well as usual I have gone on and on. We are preparing for vacation in a few days so I will take some NE Pa. pictures and New England pictures and try to blog again when we get home. ~ Take care and ...  Happy 


Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Lenten Studies and Climbing Babies!

Hello friends. I've been away from the blog for a month, so I will try and catch up. ~ I've been really busy. Our little grand daughter keeps me on the go. Also for this current season of Lent, I somehow got involved with 3 Bible studies! I am supposed to read everyday for two of them, and that is really not working out. I usually play catch up on a couple of days in. Our regular Bible study that meets early Tuesday morning is not doing the Lenten study that many small groups in the church are doing. The leader decided not to do it. That's OK for her to say, she's not doing the Lenten study on her own either, but most of the rest of us are. Tuesday's Bible study is one that I am supposed to read everyday for. The title of the book we are studying is "Jesus Calling- Living a Life of Worship." It's by Sarah Young. It has eight sessions, but our ladies in Bible study usually take longer. I may do a little catching up when I go to bed tonight. 

The next study is the Lenten study our church is doing. It's a great book. I really like it. It's called "Companions in Christ." It's a "small group experience in Spiritual formation"  My husband-the pastor- wanted all the already existing small groups to do this study. So... my knitting/crocheting group is doing it. This coming Thursday is our last session. It's been an encouraging study. I am really trying to keep up and I do enjoy it. 

And the last study I am involved with is "Made to Crave- satisfying your deepest desire with God, not food." That's by Lysa Terkeurst. That too is really good. I down loaded that on kindle on my i-pad. So I listen to that when my little one is taking a nap in the mornings and I am usually doing something in the kitchen. So I am actually ahead in that one. I have a participant's guide I have to answer questions in. Maybe in another blog I will share some of that study with you. - Two friends wanted to study that one and asked me if I wanted to join them. So I did. That one is on Monday nights. I can bring my grand daughter with me if need be and she can play while we discuss. 

She is growing a lot. She is 14 months old now but still only weighs 20 pounds. But of course, she started out small. She started out at 5 pounds 4 ounces. - She has 8 teeth now and is working on molars. She is a real charmer and a real climber. Yesterday she crashed into the coffee table and has a mark right between her eyes! The poor baby! - She is now tall enough to climb onto the couch and love seat. She was using her large stacking blocks before to stand on, but now she can shimmy up herself. I really don't like her on the couch, but it's hard to keep her off. Our living room is gated off and is serving as a play room too. We do have a parlor that can be used if we have any company who would object to having toys around. -- This morning I was on the couch with her and she dashed to the end of the couch all of a sudden and flipped right off, head over heals! I leaped up to grab her and she was crying and crying. She had landed on a baby blanket that had fallen on the floor She was just really surprised! Good grief! I know I am going to gain many a gray hair from this one! 

One problem we are having with her is that she seems to have a reflux problem. 

I first noticed it when she was 4 or 5 months old and still on formula. She stuck her little hand into her mouth and was gagging! When she turned one year old and started on whole milk, the gagging herself problem really got worse. She was making herself throw up quite often. Well, since her mama is partially lactose intolerant, I figured grand daughter A must be too, and started her on Lactose free milk. It did help quite a bit. That milk is pretty expensive especially at our little local grocery store. It costs $4.79 for a half gallon. She goes through that in 2 days. We did find out that Shop Rite and Aldies have a brand that costs $2.79. They both are about 15 miles away though. So when we buy it, we buy 2 half gallons at a time. 

I have been trying to discuss this with her doctor. Finally I got a script to get a blood test to test for the lactose intolerance to make it official. I also had a script for a CBC which they wanted done at one year. I thought it would be a little finger prick, but no. I had to take her to Lab Corp. and they took 2 vials of blood! I had to hold her down while she screamed! Poor little thing! It was terrible! -- I got the result from the lactose test yesterday. Doctor says that she is not allergic to anything. No lactose intolerance, no allergies to any food at all. That of course is a good thing, but it takes us back to square one! The doctor is going to give us a referral to an eating specialist for children. Meanwhile, she said if A is doing better on the lactose free milk, to keep her on it.  She also takes an antacid twice a day. ---- This has all been very frustrating and I feel so helpless when she insists on gagging herself with her whole fist in her mouth! She throws up and it brings tears to her eyes. I know she's not enjoying it! I don't understand. 

So I will try and wind this up. I am getting too long. - Our son J ended his basketball season. He was on JV and they didn't do very well this year. The varsity team did great. J was discouraged much of the time. - He started having a sore ankle so I took him to the orthopedist that we have been to before. That doctor ended up ordering an MRI because she was fearful that he had the same condition on his ankle that he had on his knees a few years ago. That was called OCD- where the cartilage is not attached to the bone in places. (He had had 3 knee surgeries correcting it.) -- Turned out that it was fine! Praise God! She gave him a brace to wear and that was that. 

So-- I will end now. I hope those who read this are enjoying the beginnings of Spring with some early Spring flowers. - Until next time- God Bless. Be blessed and be a blessing to someone else. --- 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Into January

I have once again joined Weight Watchers. I can do it online and also go to meetings. So far I haven 't made it to a meeting because of my little angel. I don't know if I can bring her with. But I have started recording my foods online.

So..... about posting pictures on blogger! I have run into some problems! When I try to put pictures on my post, I get tiny little blue squares that one may think will pop into a photo in a minute, but they don't. Is anyone else having this problem or is it unique? I really don't know what to do about it. I seem to be able to post one or two pictures but any more than that just doesn't happen. But... I will promise one more time to post some Christmas pictures that I promised.

Son A with our grandson E. Working on trains!

Christmas dinner
Ok. So that was some of our Christmas pictures. Seems my adding pictures problems have disappeared now!

January is the official decluttering month, and so I have been really trying to get the last of my Christmas things put away and to, well...  declutter! It is a job! A big job. But I am working at it.
I finally got all the Christmas china and Christmas mugs into the basement. Tomorrow I want to take the extra leaf out of the dining room table. If the table is smaller than maybe people won't keep putting so many things on it! I was reading that each meal should be a celebration. Well... it's hard to celebrate when I have to keep clearing off the table every time we eat! Ei yi yi!

Well- it is late now. I worked at our youth center tonight. We had about 8 boys come out tonight. (And 4 official staff.) They played basketball upstairs in the gym and then came down for refreshments and at nine it was time for devotions. We talked about having something unexpected happen in our lives. Something more on the negative side. And how we need to hand things over to God and let him deal with it instead of us trying to be in control. 

I never know if the message is sinking in to the kids, but at least I feel that I am planting seeds. -- I am the official person to do devotions with the kids. And after that we have prayer and then pizza.  The boys were pretty attentive and polite tonight. They are good kids.

So I am going to end this blog now. I want to make a list of chores for tomorrow and throw some more laundry in the washer before I go to bed. I so appreciate my dear husband watching our little one on Friday nights so I can work in the youth center. It's kind of my time out from home. ~ It is chilly in this study as I type this. It will be good to snuggle under my warm quilt upstairs with my sweetie by my side.

Have a good night - or day- when ever you are reading this- and
God bless.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas, is it really over?

I haven't blogged all of December. I realized that when I went to write something here. December and it's activities and preparations were very very busy for me. 

Christmas was wonderful. I will now try and post some pictures to share with you the fun, kaos and love that went on here .... here goes.... 

 well ... blogger isn't cooperating tonight so I guess this is it for now. I will try and post some more pictures tomorrow. 
  Good night for now and happy new year!

Remember... Christmas is not over. We can carry it all year long 
in our hearts.... 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Getting ready!

I love that Christmas is growing near. I also love that I have ordered my youngest son's major present! I got a good price but it still was a hunk. Oh well. He deserves it. He's a good kid.  - I am not telling what it is, just in case he finds out a head of time.

Last night my hubby and I moved all the living room furniture around. He didn't even complain one time! He pretty much leaves the decorating up to me and I think he is anxious for me to get going with it all. I am thankful he is willing to help. Our little grand daughter is going to love it this year. So will our teenager, although he won't acknowledge it. That's the teen in him!! I think I will bring down out of the attic my old wooden doll house. I think it could be 100 years old. My aunt gave it to me and she was 90 when she passed away. And that was a while ago. It has a roof that opens  up and of course the whole back side is open. I think my 4 year old grandson will enjoy it this year. Of course that means I will have to decorate it!!

This afternoon I took my teenage son J to an urgent care place to get a physical for school.. His regular doctor can't see him till sometime in Dec.! He has basketball tryouts tomorrow so we needed the papers filled out today. J is nervous about tryouts even though he is very good. - I pray that everything goes well tomorrow.

Tonight we went to dinner at the Pub! It's a large, old restaurant. It had fancy cut out snowflakes hanging from the ceiling all over. It reminded me of the big old restaurants my grandparents would take me out to when I was small. -- I ordered stuffed salmon - stuffed with crab and choc. moose for desert. I guess I shouldn't have had the moose, but it was so good! It was nice to get away with friends. Grownup friends! Ha Ha! Sometimes I feel like I am lacking on the grown up company side. I do spend a lot of time with children!

Well- I am going to close and head up to bed. All is quiet here except my teenager who is cooking up something in the kitchen at 11:30 at night!! -- Good night all and God bless!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Eve Eve

We have one more day until Thanksgiving. It doesn't feel like  Thanksgiving this year because I am not cooking the bird. However, we are going to my brother's house to share the Thanksgiving dinner with friends and mostly family. I believe there will be 15. My sister in law is Greek and comes from a family of restaurant owners so she loves to cook and cooks well. She is making a cranberry pie which I am very curious about. I am making pumpkin bread and corn pudding to take over. My husband is making coleslaw form a red cabbage we have out in the garden. I think it was the only one that grew this year. It will make LOTS of coleslaw. 

(not our cabbage but a red one, none the less.)
Not all of our kids will make it home for Thanksgiving. Our son and his wife and our grandson in Maine will stay put and plan to come down for Christmas. Our son and his fiancee in NE PA. will be having her family for dinner there. Our daughter will be in Florida. So that leaves our oldest son and his fiancee who live in Philly and our kids at home- son J and grand daughter A. And for dinner there will be 2 of my sisters and their significant others, my brother and his fiancee, my niece and her friend, my mom, and us. 

(not exactly- ha ha!)
I will try and take lots of family pictures that day. I want to print out many of pictures from throughout the year and put together a photo album for us to share at Christmas. I have photo paper and I have to check my color ink for my printer. Just one of many projects I have on my list!

One of my other projects- almost finished- is making Winnie the Pooh valances for my grand daughter's windows. She just has two windows so it's pretty simple. I got the long panel at a yard sale this past summer. It's more than enough for two valances. And... it has gotten me started with a few Christmas things I wanted to stitch up. ~ I am trying to finish knitting a stocking cap for grand daughter A- it's more than 1/2 way finished, plus I am knitting a shawl with bulky yarn and big needles for my daughter in southern Florida. Number 10 needles and bulky yarn makes it go fast. I am not quite sure this is appropriate, but I figure it must get cool there once in a while. 

Well- I am going to call it a night now and close this blog. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with those you love and those who love you too!

One more thing, if any of my readers have any experience with a cat with diabetes, I would love to hear from you. I'm having our cat tested in the next couple of days!!